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WorkLoop is a one-stop business management phone and web application for service businesses that are driven by hourly contract labor. WorkLoop is ideal for service businesses like tutoring, personal fitness, counseling, housekeeping, etc. The goal of WorkLoop is to maximize efficiency by integrating four essential business functions under one roof:


Securely gather contactor and client payment information, as well as signatures on contracts/W9s.


Contractors can schedule appointments with their clients and track time based on a customizable menu of services with differentiated payment details loaded in the backend (differentiated pay rates for contractors and services).


Automatically settle up with clients and pay contractors based on services rendered during each pay period. Clients receive an emailed itemized receipt detailing their services.


Clients and contractors can view their paid-to-date history anytime. WorkLoop includes a reporting feature with client/contractor payment overviews and detailed spreadsheets to populate 1099s.

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